05-03-2021, 03:47 PM
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I have transferred from Hi8 a very dark video shot in the dark with minimal light (Band playing outside at night with a few lights). I realize that anything i will do will probably include turning up brightness and contrast levels that would make most seasoned editors scratch their heads.

I am using Sony Vegas for the editing suite.

What 'go to' settings would you reach for to try and salvage the video.

Brightness and Contrast seem to be the most obvious but i am curious to see if there is a magic plug in that i am overlooking.

Open to all suggestions.

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05-03-2021, 03:56 PM
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No magic, but maybe you can try HDRAGC: http://avisynth.nl/index.php/HDRAGC
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05-03-2021, 04:03 PM
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Never heard of Avisynth.

Is it a video editor or is it a plug in i can use in vegas?
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05-03-2021, 05:48 PM
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Avisynth is a video filter scripting tool.

You need to do some reading, and get ready for a rabbit hole. But a rewarding one.

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