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I am capturing VHS tapes through an AIW into Virtual Dub. Been having great captures and deinterlacing in Hybrid.

I have come across a video that I would like to color-correct and also do some audio editing because it has some nasty pops and parts of the video are super quiet while others are extremely loud.

I normally would use premiere for this type of editing but for these types of videos, it's not known to be the best option for them.
Can hybrid output to a format that is lossless and could then be edited in Premiere or vice versa? I have tried exporting from Premiere as a Huffyuv but there is no way to keep the interlacing.
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03-09-2023, 04:06 AM
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No clue, which lossless formats Premiere supports.
Hybrid can export to multiple lossless video formats:
  • H.264 lossless
  • H.265 lossless
  • FFV1
  • UT Video
  • FFvHuff
  • VP9 lossless
  • AV1 lossless
there are also formats which claim to be 'visually lossless' at higher bit rates:
  • ProRes
  • DNxHD
No clue which lossless formats Premiere supports, but afaik at least ProRes and DNxHD should be supported by it.
For the lossless formats, you probably have to test it yourself.

Cu Selur
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What version?
What OS?

For SD (VHS), lossless...
- Mac = ProRes422
- Windows ("PC") = FFHuffyuv (FFvHuff)

Premiere export kept Huffyuv interlace (AVI export) in CS6.

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Thank you Selur & Lordsmurf for your quick replies.

The machine I am using Premiere on is a windows 10 machine with Premiere being up to date, along with Huffyuv v2.1.1.
The capture machine is a windows xp machine with virtual dub 1.9.11.

There is an option during export to set the field (screenshot attached) and I do know that the video is a Top Field First video. With these settings should I technically have a very similar if not the same file from Virtual Dub, plus my corrections/edits?

I talked to adobe support and they recommended selecting an option called Reverse Field Dominance but I can't seem to find the exact meaning of it, he just told me it meant it would stay interlaced upon exporting, he didn't seem like the most knowledgable professional.

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