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Is there an alternative to Adobe Premiere? It is kind of costly if I can remember correctly?

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12-27-2011, 12:31 PM
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There are several alternatives to Premiere,
  • for both the Pro and Elements (consumer) versions,
  • and for both Mac and Windows (the two common video editing platforms)

Adobe Premiere Pro vs. ...

  • Sony Vegas Video (Windows)
  • Final Cut Pro (Mac)
  • Canopus Edius (Windows)
  • Avid Media Composer (Mac, Windows)
  • MainConcept MainActor (Windows) [discontinued]
  • Media 100 (Mac)

Adobe Premiere Elements vs. ...
  • Sony Vegas Movie Studio (Windows)
  • Final Cut Express (Mac) [discontinued]
  • Pinnacle Studio (Windows)
  • Ulead/Corel Video Studio (Windows)
  • Avid Free DV (Mac, Windows) [discontinued]

Also ...

  • VirtualDub is another great editor, but it's not really at the same level as Premiere Elements (not even close to a full professional NLE)
  • Blender is popular, but it's not really an editor.
  • Nuke and After Effects are professional titling/rendering/3D programs that can also edit video.
  • Womble MPEG Video Wizard is great for basic cuts/arrangements (no re-encoding) for MPEG-2 video footage
  • Lightworks is a buggy freeware in alpha/beta form.

I'll update this post some more, when I get some time.

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