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My main video restoration project is 8mm camcorder tapes with a few VHS tapes. I also have MiniDV tapes that could use some love. I have experimented with Vapoursyth filters inside the Selur Hybrid software. A few months ago, I started using a dev version of Hybrid, which includes a lot of AI(?) upscalers. I found that most made my videos too cartoony looking. The only one that was good was RealESRGAN in the mode RealESR-general. I recently installed the newest version of Hybrid on another computer and discovered that it includes another AI(?) upscaler called RealCUGAN, which I used in the mode SE and with TTA enabled.

I haven't found very many discussions about RealESRGAN or RealCUGAN, and whether these upscalers make a lot of the rest of the filters unnecessary, such as the denoise filters. For instance, I found that when I used RealESRGAN, using the denoise filters in QTGMC didn't change the final video.

I have attached some images from a MiniDV tape that was upscaled with the default settings in Selur Hybrid Vapoursyth, RealCUGAN, and RealESRGAN. In my opinion, the RealESRGAN looks the best.

Attached Images
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File Type: jpg 3.Upscale_with_RealCUGAN_mode_SE_with_TTA.jpg (92.8 KB, 6 downloads)
File Type: jpg 4.Upscale_with_RealESR-general.jpg (96.1 KB, 6 downloads)
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You are aware, that RealCUGAN is meant for anime image super resolution, right?
�� Real-CUGAN�� is an AI super resolution model for anime images, trained in a million scale anime dataset, using the same architecture as Waifu2x-CUNet. It supports 2x\3x\4x super resolving. For different enhancement strength, now 2x Real-CUGAN supports 5 model weights, 3x/4x Real-CUGAN supports 3 model weights.
source: https://github.com/bilibili/ailab/bl...N/README_EN.md
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