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Hi LS,

Well, I picked up a Eurorack UB802 for audio correction.

Problem is, dummy that I am, I'm not totally sure how to use it. The manual isn't all that helpful to the novice...

I guess that I'm mostly unsure of the proper connections:

OUT from the VCR/DVR goes INTO the 802's LINE IN 3/4 1/4" jacks(s) correct?

Now, how does the stereo signal get from the 802 to the capture device? What "out" should be used?

Is it the RCA TAPE OUT? Or is it the Control Room out or the MAIN OUT jack? Or perhaps even something else?

Sorry to keep pestering you.

Thanks again,
I'm not familiar with that exact model, but it's a Behringer with 3 EQ's -- it's surely a good one.

This is what I would do, for cleaning up VHS audio, converting it to DVD (or Flash, Youtube, H.264, whatever).

Use the Line 5/6 input, for "unbalanced" audio input.

Adjust the EQ in the clumn under it. Be gentle here. The "Hi" can be twisted a few notches counter-clockwise to reduce hiss. The "Mid" should be turned about half as many notches clockwise to counter-act the audio fidelity reduction by lowering Hi. And then you rarely need to adjust "Lo" unless there is a lot of muffling or bass.

"Level" is essentially a master gain, adjust as needed. Be gentle here, too -- be sure to adjust during loud parts of the audio, otherwise it will clip and distort (and sound like crap) when set too loud.

Be sure the main mix is a perfect L/R split, you really don't want to alter that unless your source gives you good reasons. (I don't want to elaborate, I doubt you'll need it.)

I have no idea what FX is on this unit. Probably something you won't need, I defer to the product manual.

Main Out -- that's what you'll use to output.

See image:


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