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Originally Posted by MrTemplar
Hi Lordsmurf!

Vhelp thought I should ask you for a link to a certain pro-amp and exernal TBC. He stated;

"he posted a link to the TBC and pro-amp not to long ago but i can't find that discussion. I was tempted to get it myself but since i no longer have the link."

Do you know what he is referring to?

Not a clue. I'd have to see the original comment, and in relation to the rest of the context going on. And because I post on so many forums, it's no telling where he saw that comment. (NOTE: This is my "home" forum, at digitalFAQ.com, so always come here to find lordsmurf. While I'll reply to posts and PMs at other places, it will be much slower compared to posting here. And if you want my input, feel free to PM me that you made a new post.)

.... but since you're talking about TBCs, why not start here: What is a TBC? Time Base Correction for Videotapes
That's something I wrote some months back, and it could very well be what vhelp is referring to.

As far as proc amps are concerned, quite a few of them are mentioned in various posts in the video Restoring, Filtering, Improving Quality sub-forum. In general, the best proc amps are going to be from SignVideo and Elite Video, but some of the older Studio1 and Vidicraft gear may be decent. There are other brands, too, such as Sima, but quality can be hit-or-miss. Same for JVC and Sony "color correctors" out there.

If you have any follow-up questions for me, just post a reply here.

Glad to help.

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