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Hi there,

I recently purchased a capture card called Black Magic Intensity Shuttle USB 3 and, after a few tests with a game console, everything seems to comply with my computer.

My capture card have HDMI, S-Video, component, left and right analog RCA audio IN.

I am now about ready to start recording my big collection of VHS tapes and would like to do it the best way. I mean to do it once and for all with the best quality.

I have here a good vcr : The JVC HR-S9700EU (with time base corrector and DNR).
All my tapes are VHS recorded from tv in Belgium... So, i believe and hope, in "PAL" and not "Secam" (i recorded french channels broadcasted in Belgium).

I could use the s-video out from my VCR to connect the s-video in of the capture card. But i read on many forums that the S-video connexion is not as good as the scart/peritel one.

So here is my question:

In order to keep the "supposed better quality brought with the scart", i see some "Scart to HDMI Converter" available on the market.

Do you think this solution will give me a (possibly) better image than with the s-video ?
If yes, do you see any issue with the Intensity Shuttle by capturing this HDMI flux ?

Thanks in advance for your help and your advices.
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Use S-Video. The SCART port on SVHS decks only carries audio and composite video. The SCART to HDMI adapters are usually for converting RGB signals which no VCR outputs.

The French recordings may or may not play in color on your VCR. It depends on what kind of VCR originally recorded them. If it was a Multisystem/Multituner PAL deck sold in Belgium or other parts of Europe, it likely recorded them in "Middle East SECAM" format, which your JVC can play back in color without a problem. The only limitation is the TBC/DNR function will not be available on the VCR (more information on page 23 in the JVC's manual). If it was a domestic French market VCR, it is recorded in "Native SECAM" or "SECAM-L", which the JVC will play back in black and white only. Page 2 of the JVC's manual describes the system differences in detail.
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Thanks for this quick answer.

I took a look at my VCR manual and, indeed, the scart only delivers a composite or Y/C signal. I now go find a "good" S-video cable...

Tapes are recorded with a 1987 PAL/SECAM VCR (Panasonic ?) in Belgium. Another problem is my capture card not compatible with secam, but first I do some tests to see if the TBC works.

If not, i hope an external TBC could help.
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