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Hi there, I don't know if anyone can help me here, I have a couple of BVTC10 unit, read the manual carefully a couple of time, but the answer is not there. It's possible to turn on and off the pedestal compensation, as they say in the manual, for both the input of the signal and output. I'm lost on which situation it's suppose to be on or off for the input and/or output.

The other question I have is for the com filter. First of all, is it suppose to affect only the composite input/signal and not the s-video input signal ? Second question, they say in the manual that The Comb Filter button is redundant and is not used in this product. But I do have a choice of on or off when i'm in the menu level 3 and push on that button (which should be the Comb Filter button then), and there's is a difference in the video when I switch the option on or off, less or more contrast i've noted.

This Com Filter on or off button which is not suppose to be active, and the pedestal options have a big impact on the video, the contrast at least, that's why i'm looking for some answer, to use this unit right. Thanks you.
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"Pedestal" is an IRE setting. What are you wanting to do?

Soon after I got one of these, I resold it. It was too buggy. The DataVideo and early-gen AVT/CTB-100 TBCs were far less annoying. I got the Voodoo, because it had some nifty features, but I never came across a used unit that works correctly. New ones were fine, but nobody sells them new anymore. The company went bust years ago.

I wish I had better answers for you.

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I do not have a BVTBC10 so this is more theoretical than hands-on based.
I agree the manual is not very clear, especially on the purpose of the comb switch.
Assuming the unit actually works as documented:

The input pedestal would be used to match the TBC's input to the black level output by your source tape/player combination. For NTSC VHS in the USA it should be 7.5 IRE, but could be different at the VCR output due to issues with the tape and the player.

The output pedestal setting can be used to ensure the TBC output matches the input expected by your capture system, again normally 7.5 IRE for SD NTSC in the USA.

Mismatched pedestal settings will result in incorrect black levels, loss of shadow detail, etc. A good waveform monitor, or a known source and calibrated monitor can be used to help set these.

The comb filter should not be necessary or beneficial for an s-video source. It should be beneficial for most in-specification composite video sources, but results could vary depending on the source system. The comb filter setting in this box might changing high frequency (detail) filtering applied to the "Y" (luminance) signal path even with an s-video input, and this could result in changes in the apparent contrast in image detail. I'd say use the setting that gives you the best end result with a given tape/player combination.
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