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Hi guys!

I just stumbled uppon this DATAVIDEO Vp-263 Audio mixer & Video enhancer and I was wondering what it actually does.

Anyone had any experience with this gear?

That "enhance" slider seems interasting...

Sadly doesn't have Svideo input.

Probably it's just a garbage piece of gear, but for 10usd I won't get any Datavideo hardware.

I was thinking on grab it and use it with some composite output decks and see how it performs.

Even if it sucks, I could do something like this...

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07-12-2019, 02:25 AM
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FADE fades to black, obvious.
ENHANCE just sharpens, and not very good -- in fact, really bad, since composite.

Audio is just a weenie mixer. A $50-100 Behringer/Tapco/Mackie would easily outperforms it.

It's not garbage -- that's gear from Sima and Archer -- just not very useful. This is the sort of thing that intro-level high school kids would play with to learn analog video in the 80s/90s. I don't remember this being very expensive, couple hundred bucks new at most. Under $25 is probably fair market value now.

That Youtube video is amusing. I'd not at all be surprised if the box caught on fire. Beware of faulty gear. I speak from experience!

The only value is history or nostalgia.

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