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Hello all,

Bit of a nitty-gritty topic this one, but here we go - H264.

I normally encode from AVI to H264 in Adobe Media Encoder but I finally fired up Masterworks which has been sitting on the PC for ages and gave it a spin on a quiet Friday afternoon.

I like 'ME' as the interface I find very intuitive, it also plays nicely with our hardware which is all built around an Adobe system - never had any complaints about it - we have M2 cache drives in the workstations that can take advantage of it etc...

I now like Masterworks too, the interface is horrendous and unintuitive compared to 'ME' and it's a tad slower (but not ever-so-much so) but it's adding a certain sparkle in to the outputs I don't get with ME. It's difficult to describe but in blind A/B and side-by-side testing on calibrated monitors there's something a touch more visually pleasing about Masterworks, this was picked up in a blind sample of three ABs every time by a non-technie person.

I'm not saying it's a night & day difference, but it's certainly some je ne sais quoi that looks more appealing. It won't make much difference, and it's not a sleight on ME - just an interesting little something we noticed.

Settings and sources identical, file sizes coming out within a few kb of each other, no encoding filters used as far as I can tell, relative colour-space etc.

Has anybody else found this, or are we seeing things that aren't there? Keen to hear any input.

Oh, I'm certainly staying with Premiere for editing, this Masterworks nonsense is not very good coming from Premiere in that domain, but the encoding I like.

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Do you refer to TMPGEnc Mastering Works?

I like TMPGEnc for many reasons, but quality is bested by others. AME uses the MainConcept SDK, and it's really hard to beat the quality. You can do it with some extreme tweaking of x264 values, but not by a huge %. (I use both MC TC and x264 via Hybrid, but quality isn't the reason, the workflow is. Both are fine.) I have no reason to use TMW.

I mostly use TSR, for manipulating H264 files.

AME has always erred on the side of soft/blur, You can address that. That's probably the main difference. TMPGEnc is x264 based, and it defaults to less blur at the expense of other aspects.

AME is stripped down version of the full MC package you get in MC TotalCode.

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