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06-12-2020, 10:00 PM
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First time poster here! I've been scouring the forum looking for some good tips on how to use the DVK-100 in combination with the ES10. I have both the HR-S7500U and HR-S9911U decks in great working shape. It seems like the general consensus is to use the ES10 only when a tape needs it. I wonder if its best to go VCR> DVK > Capture card in those cases where a tape is playing decently without any frame drops, or if its best to just do VCR > capture card.

Other question is the use of the DVK-100. I've seen some discussion about mods and proper usage but no hard consensus on the issue. After reading the manual and other sources, it looks like CAM1 and CAM2 inputs go through the chroma key function. It may be best to feed the signal through the background port and then out the output. Looking for anyone's input on this workflow
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06-12-2020, 10:06 PM
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In this budget workflow, ES10 is required at all times.
VCR > ES10 > DVK > capture card

I always forget inputs/outputs offhand. Whenever I've given DVKs to others, I tape off all but the needed ports. But I believe that's correct, not CAM1/2.

This is a decent budget workflow, but there are downsides to it. Just monitor your captures carefully, look for capture errors.

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