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This forum has been extremely helpful to me as I embark on the process of archiving all of my family's old home movies. I just wanted to thank all the members here who have helped me get as far as I have so far.

I've done all I feel I can simply by searching old posts here and I'm hoping someone might be able to give a more clear answer to my question regarding the the benefit in adding a DMR-ES10 into my chain of devices. At times I've felt I found a post that finally spelled it all out only to find another post with what felt like conflicting information. So I'm hoping I can word this in such a way that lets me know (and potentially others who find this post during their own research) once and for all.

To start off, here is my workflow currently:

JVC SR-V10U w\ TBC/NR turned on> Svideo out to>Diamond VC500>Windows 10 Comp>Virtualdub 1.9.x>huffyuv

Here's a summary of what I've gathered about the DMR-ES10:

-The DMR-ES10 can be used as a passthrough device to work as a "TBC-ish". Meaning that while not a true Time based Corrector it can clean up a VHS image in a lot of the same ways that a true TBC would, and for a fraction of the cost.

-I've read posts that indicate that it functions like a line TBC and that if used with a VCR that has a built in TBC, that you should turn the TBC function of the VCR off because otherwise the signal being sent to the DMR-ES10 won't benefit from whatever magic the DMR-ES10 would normally do. Is this true? I'm already quite pleased with the line TBC results I get from my VCR so I suppose if this is all the DMR-ES10 does then I could just disregard it.

-I've also read posts that indicate that the DMR-ES10 has some frame TBC like benefits as well. This is what interests me the most because as I said previously I'm already happy with the built in line TBC my VCR has but I'm aware that for a true workflow you want both internal line TBC as well as an external frame TBC like the TBC-1000. So could using the DMR-ES10 be used in this way as an alternative to a true framesync TBC?
Taking into account that for me buying a true framesync TBC is simply out of my budget. I'm not expecting that It can do everything a real TBC would do but if it would help in any noticeable way i would say it's worth the $70-100 investment.

I should mention that I'm exclusively working with home movies so I'm not concerned with macrovision or any other copyright protection stuff that a TBC also helps with.

What I'm interested in is if it will have any visual benefits to my image in addition to whatever my VCR is already doing, and will it help with dropped frames that could muck up my capture process.

To be clear, While the TBC in my VCR did do wonders for a lot of my old tapes I still have plenty of issues with jittery images, waviness, dropped signal, white spots. I'd say my VCR has improved things by about 70%.

So what do you guys think? Have I summarized the info on this device fairly well or completely missed the mark? Somewhere in between?

Can we at least say whether or not this device more closely mimics a line or a frame TBC in its functions? If not in an overarching sense then at least in the context of how I'm trying to incorporate it with my other devices?

Thanks so much to anyone who can help clear this up for me. Apologizes for letting this post get a bit long.
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This post was missed at the time, but still needs an answer...

The V10 deck is good, but line TBC in it negates ES10 line TBC. First TBC to latch onto signal wins. If both enabled, V10 wins. In V10 disable, ES10 can win.

ES10 also reduces image quality some.

What is left is non-TBC frame sync, which isn't a frame TBC replacement.

TBC has nothing to do with anti-copy (misnomer "copyright protection"). Anti-copy is an artificial video error, nothing more or less. TBCs corret all errors, natural or otherwise.

Frame TBCs are for non-visuals, issue that prevent or mess up capturing, such as audio sync loss, bad frame motions, instabilities, etc.

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