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I've read some conflicting information both on these forums and elsewhere on the web.

I understand the CP7U-type adapter is considered the best for VHS-C.

Is there a particular adapter for S-VHS-C that has different pin locations? And if not, how does the VCR identify the type of tape its reading?
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08-19-2020, 01:13 PM
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There is a hole in those adapters that uncovers if there's a SVHS tape in it at the same spot the SVHS hole is on a full-size SVHS cassette. It's possible that feature was missing on some cheaper adapters, but the JVC C-P7U, C-P6U (and rebadges), Panasonic VW-TCA7 (and rebadges) and I think also these ones you get "new" on amazon and elsewhere sold under a ton of different brand names (no idea who manufactures those) have the feature.

Detecting whether something is a SVHS recording is done electronically though, not sure how exactly but you can look up circuit diagrams if you are very curious.
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Thank you, that's really helpful information!

For capture, that's all I need to know. My curiosity about how the VCR identifies an SVHS recording is just that -- a curiosity. It's just interesting
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08-19-2020, 08:11 PM
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As I recall the S-VHS (and Hi-8) players have a circuit that detects the luminance carrier frequency used in the recording and select the mode (VHS or S-VHS, Video8 or Hi-8) accordingly.

For recording purposes, the type cassette is detected based on a hole in the cassette shell. S-VHS and Hi8 recorders also allow forced recording in VHS/Video8 mode via switch or menu settings.
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08-19-2020, 09:11 PM
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CP7-U came with S-VHS-C cameras.

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