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11-08-2021, 01:21 PM
Robert Lieu Robert Lieu is offline
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My goal is to have a machine that can use an ATI 600 USB for capture.

My current PC:

Windows 10
Intel i7 7700K
Nvidia 980ti
16gb ram
Corsair AX850 PSU

I have an extra 1tb HDD lying around, could I just install XP 32-bit SP2 on it and dual-boot? Or is there a reason why I need a dedicated machine?

Only extra machine I have is an old dual core HP laptop with Windows 7 in it. Would it be better to downgrade this to XP and use the ATI 600 on this? Thanks
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11-08-2021, 01:55 PM
msgohan msgohan is offline
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The ATI 600 USB works fine on Win7. I wouldn't bother with XP for it.

The laptop should work, though depending on specs it could be borderline for reliably capturing without frame drops. You'll want to disable as many background processes as possible.
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