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Hi guys,

Following all guides I built the PC with Pentium4 2,8 -Intel Mainboard Agp- 4gb RAM - AIW9800pro- Turtle Beach Santa Cruz (waiting delivery) - hdd sata 500gb
+ Panasonic NV-HS1000
+ Datavideo TBC-1000

I will install winXp

Few questione:

Do I need any other hardware or device?

Is it ok SP3 version for WinXP?

Any tips for driver?

Do I need just Virtualdub and Avisynt?

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01-22-2016, 12:15 AM
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Double posted. Sorry
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01-22-2016, 12:16 AM
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Hey Luca. I'm new around here but in researching for my own upcoming project I did run across an answer for you on your questions. To my untrained eye it appears that you are set.

As for the VCR, with a quick search (I'm on the NTSC side, not PAL) it is comparable to the Panasonic AG-1980. That's a great thing if it is in full working order.

The external TBC comes highly rated as well.

As for the capture setup; I gleaned a lot of information from this forum thread if you have yet to see it.

Specifically post #35 had a few answers for you.
"You have to use Windows XP x86 (32-bit). No x64, no Vista, no Windows 7. If available, I suggest using Windows XP Pro SP2. Not SP1, not SP3. Not Home, not Media Center Edition (MCE). Windows XP Pro SP2 is the most stable version of Windows XP. (SP3 is also stable, but adds a bunch of online "security" crap that's not really essential to a system built for video capturing. You'll have to disable most of it, if you do use SP3. Otherwise it may tank a capture with silly warnings and nuisance pop-up alerts.)"

As for the drivers I'm sure you'll get most of the answer you seek in that thread I linked. Good luck and happy capturing!
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