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Originally Posted by BarryTheCrab View Post
OK, my turn...
JVC HR-S7800U (I should be arrested for what I paid)> TBC-1000 (my wife would arrest me if she knew what I paid)>Hauppage 850 USB>32bit PowerDirector using MAGIC/Lagareth/highBR MPEG2>Windows 10x64 with i7-4770.
Thank you for this great forum.
I'll bet you didn't pay as much as I did for getting a rebuilt Panasonic AG-1980, two maintenance sessions with it, rebuilding a PV-S4670 VCR with new parts and replacing genuine Panasonic dynamorphous heads, buying a SignVideo PA-100 proc amp brand new, building 3 custom PC 's for capture and processing (with two retail XP and one retail Win-7 OS), or the ATI 7500 AIW and 9600XT AIW capture cards I bought brand new a while back (the latter two alone would pay for your 7800 and then some). No doubt about it, good stuff doesn't come cheap.

I can go along with the 7800, the TBC, and the Hauppauge, but I'm not sure where Power Director comes in. It's an editor, not useful as a restoration app. I take it that the high bitrate MPEG is for archiving, not for restoration or original capture.

Well, hmm, this is the second time willow's thread is being hijacked, so we shouldn't get into detail here. If you need more info, it would be a good idea to start a new thread and maybe post some samples if you need to.
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Sorry for the hi-jack, under the influence of cold meds and Captain Morgan it kind of looked like the thread had morphed into something it isn't. I just donated a $5 self-imposed "doofus" fee to DFAQ. I will pick this up in my own thread.
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