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12-30-2011, 12:40 PM
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Something isn't sitting right and I don't know where to find AND how to use the tools to investigate.

I have an IP << removed for security >>
can you show me where to find info on this IP? I think it comes back to BurstNet .
I forget the first part but it's *** NOC.I do not know how to do tracerouts.

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Someday, 12:01 PM
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12-30-2011, 07:12 PM
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This is easy on pretty much any computer.
But since I'm typing from a Windows laptop, I'll give an example of how it's done from any version of Windows from Win95 to Win7.

Step 1: Go to Start > Run and type cmd to go to your DOS prompt


Step 2 (Optional): Type ping and the name of your domain. For example: ping frys.com
You'll receive a response, which includes showing the IP address.

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Step 3: Trace route the IP address by typing tracert, follow by the domain or IP. For example: tracert webhostingtalk.com
Note: I picked this site because I know who the host it.


You can follow the traffic off my ISP (Charter), to Level3 carrier bandwidth, to LiquidWeb's datacenter and/or network.

Tracert isn't an exact science for discovery, and you'll sometimes hit firewalls that block traces.
That happened here, where is why I hit CTRL-C (break, shown as ^C) instead of trying to force the issue to the maximum of 30 hops.

What you'll notice is that we got as far as LiquidWeb, who is the host of WHT.

Sometimes tracert is helpful, sometimes it's useless.

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