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10-27-2018, 10:19 PM
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My "Video Editing" win 7 PC crashed, which I used VirtualDub to mainly just cut down large captured .AVI files into 6 minutes or less chunks, and it had the Huffyuv codec installed. And these .AVI files were created on my Win XP "Capture" PC, with Huffyuv codec installed.
Now I am starting from scratch again with a different win7 PC, installed current version of VirtualDub, and question is, do I need to install Huffyuv in order to successfully view and edit those captured .AVI files, using VirtualDub, they play just fine using VLC player.

I had all this stuff memorized about 5 years ago, and everything was "automatic" once it all was working fine, untill the PC crashed. Now my old brain forgot a few things!
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10-28-2018, 05:05 AM
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Originally Posted by rocko View Post
do I need to install Huffyuv in order to successfully view and edit those captured .AVI files

32-bit huffyuv v2.1.1 download -> https://www.videohelp.com/download/huffyuv-2.1.1.zip
You won't need 64-bit hufffyuv. 32-bit works just fine in 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

See Installing 32-bit codecs in 64-b it Windows.
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