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I have many folders of movies I backup with DVDDecrypter over the last many years and now I want to burn some of them. To look at and for extra safe backup (lost a couple of hard drives recently).

It went alright until I got to one that is bigger than a dvd5 - it is 7.7G.

I thought imgburn was going to do it because it asked me about a break point. But it wouldn't do more than either truncate or overburn.

I thought I'd pick the files up with dvdshrink and massage them but dvdshrink won't pick them up - invalid parameter it says.

What is the best way to deal with such a library of DVDDecrypt rips? Burn most with what? Burn the oversize with what? How?

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Do what the creator of the original DVD did, with the same high quality bitrate instead of crapping a high-bitrate video; use a dual layer DVD disc. Most premium quality retail VD movies are dual layer. Verbatim DVD+R-DL is the top choice.
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12-07-2015, 10:05 PM
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Well that sounds fair enough. I didn't think of it. Was kinda thinking my old dvd burners wouldn't burn a dvd9. They should?

Well okay. I'll invest in some media.

Meanwhile I used CDBurnerXP which did a trouble free job and split the movie across two disks.

I couldn't get anything to else to load the files so I finished up turning to CDBurnerXP, which I found and downloaded today, free thing, no virus or stuff, and put the VOBs I wanted into it.

5 of them. Making about 5G.

It split them up no problem - only funny thing it put VOB 1 on Disk 1 and VOBs 2-5 on Disk2 ! I would have expected it the other way around. Maybe one can reorder them in the list or even rename them, I don't know. Happy to get something done.
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