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Hey man, I have a quick q that I forgot to ask you last night because we were only talking about comp videos...
When I make a regular VHS video onto a DVD, how do I split the video up in chapters? (seperate matches) in Workshop?
In Lab, I could break the whole video up into chapters, the thumbnails as we did last night and U can select whatever match you want to watch..how do I do that in Workshop?

After you have imported your videos in DVDWS2 -- left/bottom side.

... and then imported the videos into the project -- dragging them from the imported assets window into the "timeline" at the bottom/middle of the screen ....

Then simply click on the video file while in EDIT mode (top of screen tab, middle one). The GUI changes "modes" to show the selected video in the preview window. Drag the slider where you want to insert a chapter mark. Notice on the left/top side of the GUI is a bottom that says "Add Chapter". That's all you do.

Now notice the filmstrip on the far right side of DVDWS. This is the list of chapters for the video currently being previewed.

To make menu entries (links) that link to the chapters, simply select your video while in MENU mode, and then go to the filmstrip and drag the chapter you want over the text or selector icon on your menu. If you don't drag it on top of text or an icon, then it will create a thumbnail.

Remember that 352x480 videos create tall thumbnails. To make it 4:3, use the arrow on the bottom middle dot and drag it up. If you have multiple video thumbnails, and want them to all match 100% perfect in size/shape, then right-click and "copy attributes" from the one you like best, and the "paste attributes" over the others. They will match.

It's really easy, and not much different from making menus/discs from separate video files.

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