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Ok, I've been using TMPGEnc DVD Author to author my dvd's and would like to now try and use Ulead DVD workshop. I have a problem that I think you'll know the answer to right away. I appologize if this is disussed elsewhere in this forum. If it is, I couldn't find it.

Basically my problem is this: When I import the mpeg I've created using Adobe Premiere (as outlined here) into dvd workshop, there is no audio. I don't have this problem when using the same mpeg file in TMPGEnc DVD Author. Am I missing something. I've looked on the Ulead website for a possible sollution but can't find anything. For some reason there is no audio. Do I need to export a seperate audio stream along with the MPEG and if so, why is tmpgenc able to use the audio in the mpeg and dvd workshop isn't?

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help,

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There could be many reasons, namely the audio not being in proper DVD-Video audio specs (PCM, AC3, MP2). Demux the audio and see what it is. If it's indeed DVD-Video compliant, import it separately. See how that works.

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