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Hey guys,

I've been looking to buy a more recent Hi8 camcorder from the EOL era as that's the period Smurf suggested had the best cams.

So far I've found a Samsung VP-L850 and an L900, I selected these two since they looked the most recent visually. I haven't been able to confirm the date of release for either of them and I was wondering if someone had any idea about that as well as features such as TBC and DNR which aren't mentioned in the manual. Do Samsung model numbers correspond to the features? Is the 900 better than the 850, 800 and so on?

I've also found two Sonys which I'm less interested in since one looks older and I can only find the service manual for - the CCD-SC65E. The other one is a Sony CCD-TRV58 sold as not working with no battery (manual has a copyright of 2001), also missing a few screws so some moron has probably been inside. I know Sony's model numbers don't correlate with features so I'm imagining when it works it's better than my TRV-77E, am I correct?

Any info on all of these devices (but particularly the Samsungs) is appreciated as well as advice on any one of them worth buying!

E: Might be better for this to be over in the videography section, I don't think I can move it so if mods are of the same opinion feel free to do so!

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The LP8x0 service manual has some references to a TBC (also has difference between the vp-l8x0 models)
. I have two PAL LP800 cameras, but they're both missing pins that hold the tape up to the drum, so I can't test properly. They do seem a lot more clunky than my Sony camcorders though.

I think these were the last lineup of Hi8 cameras Sony made, or at least one of the last. Though, at that point the higher-end cameras were miniDV, so I don't know how good they are. The last ones also lacked S-Video out and Stereo.

I know Sony's model numbers don't correlate with features so I'm imagining when it works it's better than my TRV-77E, am I correct?
Wouldn't be sure about that. I think the second number tends to indicate what year/lineup it's from, first one tends to refer to feature level, higher being more expensive/fancier. Also, the V in a model name usually means it has a flip-out LDC screen. Model numbers are a bit of a mess though.

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I recently was looking for a camera with inline TBC for some Video8 tapes. During my research I came across a consolidated list in the forums for Sony models with these features. While not listing Samsung's, it might be useful.

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