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10-03-2012, 06:41 AM
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My first music video. Critical feedback and improvements please =)

Bit problems with airplane noise, but still .
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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10-03-2012, 12:30 PM
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I've moved this to the videography forum.
And then I'm going to try and add Vimeo embed code to the forum.

Some detailed feedback:

(1) Your music starts too quickly. Because of how streaming players work, you'll tend to lose some of that first second, often accompanied by a harsh crackle of some kind. Inject silence for a second. In fact, start the whole video more slowly perhaps with a fade in from black. (I see one already, but it's too quick.)

(2) The music -- thus far, 30 seconds in -- sounds nice. ... Edit: the whole track works well.

(3) That rolling shutter (jello-vision) will cause most people to quit watching. It gives me a headache. They make filters for that, though they're at least $200+, and effectiveness varies. You'll want to shoot with a non-DSLR camera next time, or whatever camera that is. The shooting was fine, but the recording isn't. You did the right thing, but the camera didn't.

(4) Most of the photo editing is pretty good (not to be confused with "editing photos"). You've got some nice selection, though I see 3-4 that maybe need more processing, or should just be replaced. I attached a sample of one that should be replaced. Most of it is distractions, the kind of snapshot I'd delete (from digital), or print I'd have tossed (film era).

(5) The pace/speed of the zoom effects on the slideshow works well. Some call this the "Ken Burns effect", though it existed long before he started to make documentaries that made it popular.

(6) I sort-of like the mix of color and forced B&W images ... but not really. That idea has merit and potential, but I'd further develop it in some way. It's a good concept, but the execution is off.

(7) I don't have a problem with airplane noise in an airplane. I'd have a problem with airplane noise at a wedding, in a movie set in medieval Europe, etc. But not in a plane. I'd be more bothered by video of a plane that didn't have airplane noise, because then it'd be unnatural.


Ignoring the rolling shutter / jello-vision -- which is terrible -- the rest of it is a really good attempt.

The slideshow work is the best part of it.

At minimum, I'd attempt to correct the rolling shutter, maybe replace a few photos (and crop that one).
Ideally, I'd just take another trip and reshoot some things.

I hope that helps you. (I know it took me 10 minutes to write up.)

And welcome to the site.

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