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I have 8mm tapes I want to convert to DVD myself because I'm not sure what's on them (I don't want to pay to have video of my ceiling or when the kids videoed the tv) but I no longer have my old camcorder. I have no idea what model it was and know nothing about them. I'm worried if I buy one off Ebay it won't work with my tapes. What models play the 8mm MP GX metal 120 type tapes?

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The photo looks like a standard Video8 cassette, and any working Video8 camcorder should be able to play it. However, a Hi8 camcorder or a Digital8 camcorder with 8mm/Hi8 playback capability would be better for purposes of transfer to digital format. Also there are some Video8/Hi8 and Digital8 VCRs (including the Sony Walkman) that would work well (if they are working properly) but they tend to be priced higher.

Buying from auction sites, or any site where you cannot test it first, is risky. There is no assurance that the item will be working as listed and many people have reported unsatisfactory results. Some thrift shops (e.g., Salvation Army) might have camcorders and they might let you try before you buy.

If the tapes contain content you want to preserve/view in digital format, other threads here will give advice on how to get a good final product. The investment in time and gear can run a bit so if you have a small number of tapes it may be worth "hiring it out." The providers of this web board do offer that service.

FWIW:, the cassette in the photo looks somewhat abused with plenty of dust/dirt on the outside, and that does not give confidence in the condition of the tape inside. Based on the photo alone I would be reluctant to put it in my Hi8 gear for fear of introducing dirt/debris into the tap path and heads.
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