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05-20-2019, 04:34 PM
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Hi there. I'm trying to archive a lot of old VHS tapes that have recorded wrestling content (not pre-recorded) dating back from at least 1989 and throughout the '90s. The older tapes suffer from time base errors. When I try to record the tapes (majority being 8 hours long in EP-mode) to the computer using any USB capture card (see list below), I get frames dropping numerous times. Here is a sample video. I've tried 5 different VCRs in the last 5 months. The best one I've had luck with is the JVC-XVC29. I realize it's not a professional VCR, but it was the VCR my brother in-law used for his more recent recordings and it also has a Video Stabilization feature that helps clean up most of the image problems.

I've tried two different DVD recorders as pass-thru devices, but they made the image much darker, despite fixing the frame issue. I also got my hands on a used Videonics MX-1, but it displays these weird scan lines in the image that were not present before. Here is a sample video of that.

For capture devices, I've tried the following:

Startech SVID2USB23
Diamond VC500
DigitNOW Master AVcap BR117

I just need it to playback the exact same way it's shown on a TV. I'm not entirely sure what kind of TBC I need, so any guidance would be helpful.

By the way, I live in Canada.
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05-24-2019, 04:36 AM
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You need to give a price.

Although not required, "want to buy" (WTB) posts should list a price that you're willing to pay. If you're unsure what an item should cost, please ask in one of the other subforums. It's of no use to anybody to expect quality items without being willing to offer fair market price.
TBCs can vary in price, and there's no use contacting you if budget is too low.

Your post has been approved. Please note that it may have been edited to comply with rules for posting in the marketplace. We hope you're able to sell your video/photos/computer item, or locate your want — all for free, and better than you could on eBay or Craigslist. Thanks!

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