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11-14-2010, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Tranzor
Sort of in a bind and I had to get blanks at the store , so I went with sony dvd+rs. I picked up the 50pack "cool colors" versions. Had a made in Malaysia on the package which I did not like, but any way, going by imgburn they are using the media code of SONY-D21-00
figured you could add this to Digitalfaq's media code list since the only code listed for Malayasia are the Sony D16
Note: Quoted pulled from PM...
Remember to ask all technical questions in the forums, not emails or private messages. Thanks!

This is Sony media made by Daxon (Malaysia), and it's not very good at all. However, it's old stock, as Daxon went out of business in January 2010. That's sad, too, as Daxon's Taiwanese plant made excellent Sony media! All "new" Sony stock is going to be Ritek made in Taiwan or China.

I'll be sure to update the media ID tables. It should already be there, but it must've been accidentally deleted during one of the past updates.

Thanks for the update!

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