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I thought I had posted this here, but I can't seem to find it.

Where's the place to go to get nice consistent quality prints in dallas?

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Not just Dallas, but for all of North Texas itself, many (most?) pro photographers, studios, ad agencies, etc --- they tend to use THE COLOR PLACE. They have a site online, too: http://www.thecolorplace.com and the photo page is at http://www.thecolorplace.com/Solutions/photo.htm

Indeed, as they say, well-known much farther out than Dallas, excellent quality work. It's going to cost more than Ritz, Walgreens or Costco -- but for just a few special prints, why not?

Another really good place is BWC. They're also online at http://www.bwc.net/bwc -- nice looking site, too! (May have to put a screenshot in the good designs gallery.)

I used BWC a lot, and they were sometimes cheaper the The Color Place. On the other hand, BWC didn't always offer everything that TCP did. BWC used to process B&W film too, something I used when I was lab-less.

I'd contact them both about what you want, get price info and turn-around time information (these are not wait-while-it-prints establishments).

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