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I'm trying to bring an old JVC HR-S7600U back to life. I had 1 that wasn't working and I purchased 2 more "Parts Only" machines with the hopes of getting 1 decent, working unit.

I've played around enough to get 1 that turns on and stays on (the gears in the dynamic drum aren't cracked at all!), inserts and ejects tapes easily, produces a very nice stable picture and looks good cosmetically. So far it appears that all functions are working so I'm pretty happy with my efforts.

But I do have 1 problem. I've broken the ribbon cable that goes from the Jog/Shuttle wheel to the motherboard. Without it, the machine won't stay turned on.

Anybody know where I can find one? I was hoping that someone might have older machines lying around for parts and would be willing to part with such a cable. It's a 6 connector cable about 6" long.


Ribbon Cable.jpg

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Difficult to tell from the picture, but if it's a standard connector pitch it's probably a generic piece of flexible PCB connector.

There are a range of standard pitches and sizes that can be purchased as generic parts. Might be worth a look. Often unless it's for a special purpose it's cheaper to manufacture around a (semi)-standardised bit of flexi.

The picture isn't clear (plus I don't have my contact lenses in) but if you can measure it you might find one in exchange for a few of your favoured curency unit. Even if you can find something 'close enough' to work effectively.
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08-19-2022, 07:11 PM
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Recent discussion on finding a ribbon cable here: Panasonic AG-5710 ribbon cable 9pin replacement?

It's likely you can find one that will work.

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08-19-2022, 08:15 PM
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I had the jog/shuttle cable break on my HR-S8600EU (which the PAL equivialent of the US HR-S7600U I think). I got a replacement from this thisaliexpress store (plus some others to fix my HR-SS6900), similar to what others have suggested. The connectors on the cable have a 1.25mm pitch which seems to be what most flat flex cables you find in vcrs (other than late combos maybe) were. I generally prefer to buy electronics stuff from digikey, mouser and the like but they don't seem to have much variation of options for pin count and length for 1.25mm pitch flex cables so ended up getting from alix instead. they seem to work fine so far. (Though measure to make sure you got the right pitch, I managed to order the wrong one at first.)

Alternatively it's possible you can salvage one from a different type vcr - most from the mid/late 90s and on use one at least for the A/C head, though those are often 7 rather than 6 pins and may not be long enough.

The cable being absent in my S8600 didn't cause it to not work though (other than the jog/shuttle not working ofc) so maybe there is something more going on.

My Video gear overview/test/repair/stuff yt channel http://youtu.be/cEyfegqQ9TU
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08-20-2022, 01:18 PM
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Thanks for your responses.

hodgey, yes you were right. The cable does not interfere with the playing of the VCR. Turns out it was a problem with the transport which appears to be straightened out now. Everything working correctly.

I will continue my journey towards finding ribbon cables that will work.
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08-24-2022, 01:29 PM
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Molex calls them ffc cable jumpers
Or premoflex
Premonition flex flat flexible cable
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