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03-30-2016, 12:38 PM
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Thank you for this great forum!
I have bought two Panasonic HS-1000 on ebay. They both have errors.

1. PanaSonic HS-1000, ejects tape immediately

Description on ebay: "It worked last time I tried it, but I have no tape to test it now" ( Ebay language translation = It worked some time ago, but not now )

Condition: I think it has few running hours, i looks almost like new, also inside. The rotating cotton head cleaner seems almost clean. The buttons and remote control looks like new.

Error: It ejects the tape immediately. It does not even pull out the tape. See video https://youtu.be/RXiJKkBO9M4

2. Panasonic HS-1000, picture with narrow moving streaks

Description on ebay: "working condition" ( Ebay langauge translation = It plays the tape but picture and sound is not good ).

Condition: This machine seems to have many running hours. Some buttons on remote control have almost lost the printing. I cleaned the head and rollers ( paper method using this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKkKO1EjPo8 ), The head was really dirty. I think the heads are allright, because there are no "comet tails" and the sharpnes sliding button is sharp allready in the middle position.

Error: It makes streaks in the picture, narrow moving streaks that comes and go and only last very short. Sometimes many, sometimes only few and difficult to notice. After playing the tape some minutes the picture gets more stable but still with streaks from time to time. The same tape plays without errors on my other VCR´s. The error is not on all tapes. Some new tapes in good condition plays without errors. See video https://youtu.be/VkTNrs-BIoU

Initially I thought the tape eject was a minor problem. However I think it is not. I delivered it to a repair service, and said they could repair it with sparepars from no. 2. They gave up.

Any input on how to fix the errors are highly appreciated. Maybe just one with spareparts from the other.

Best Regards
J. Nielsen

P.S. I am looking for HS1000 because of the good TBC and good picture quality. However it seems difficult or expensive to get a good one. I will use it for digitizing VHS tapes. Is it better just to use a normal Panasonic VCR combined with a Panasonic DMR-ES10 DVD-Recorder (used as TBC). Will it be the same effect and quality?

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03-30-2016, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by jnielsen View Post
Is it better just to use a normal Panasonic VCR combined with a Panasonic DMR-ES10 DVD-Recorder (used as TBC). Will it be the same effect and quality?
No, a good non-tbc, non-dnr player with an ES10 pass-thru won't be "better" but it will be the next best thing. I use my ES10 with non-tbc players when my big guys refuse to track a tape properly, which can happen with any player. My non-TBC players are Panasonic PV-V4670 S-VHS and PV-4665 (both NTSC), which were top of the line Pannies in 1996 without the oversharpening, chroma noise, or juiced up contrast of later players. Careful, though -- neither of those other Pannies came dirt cheap, they've both been rebuilt by competent techs. They have pretty husky tracking but no noise reduction -- which isn't that bad, since built-in dnr can sometimes do more harm than good.
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04-26-2016, 01:13 AM
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Streaks are usually a head issue. They're usually worn, some in need of a demagnification (rare).
Tape eject issue are due to transports.

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