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12-28-2019, 01:55 AM
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Brand new 4-core 64-bit Windows 10 laptop <- Pinnacle-710 <- External Com World TBC <- JVC SR-MV45 [and an old Zenith XBV342 for non-SP tapes]. Deck, TBC, card from lordsmurf
I'm digitizing home videos but I'm also testing with a couple of commercial videos.

Here's the main references I've used so far (and 10,000 thanks to all ).
  • VirtualDub 1.9.11 from here with HuffYUV fix from here
  • Installed ffdshow and ffvdub.vdf per post 15 of here
  • Went through sanlyn settings here and lordsmurf settings here
  • Installed Pinnacle-710 driver (only the 64-bit driver worked) and Crossbar Thing found it and I was able to switch between S-video and composite (needed for some non-SP tapes).
  1. I originally tested w/my home deck/composite out and NO Pinnacle drivers. Everything worked great after I set VDub output to Preview, except sometimes I had to toggle Histogram on and other times it previewed fine without it. After a couple of reboots it seemed to settle into a groove and work fine. But it looked amazingly good, and well worth the gear. On to S-video!
  2. Switched to S-Video and my new deck, and after teaching my dog a few new words I added the Pinnacle driver (with the installer, without having to 'defeat' InstallShield) and Crossbar Thing. More reboots (3 cheers for the internal SSD) and it seems to capture but there's no Preview in VDub prior to starting a capture. After starting a capture I'll need to toggle histogram on to see anything, and even that doesn't always force the preview.
Some other notes:
  1. I'm very comfortable with Win, the registry, all that. Former mainframe machine language (and later C) developer so I'm used to taking notes, backing stuff out after failure, all that. Reran the process a couple of times w/liberal applications of reboots, Revo uninstaller/CCleaner and registry scans. Tried various combos not documented here.
  2. I've just started taking some meds that make it almost impossible for me to connect two dots even if they're standing next to other, so something may not have installed quite right or uninstalled cleanly.
So I have a few questions about specific issues I haven't been able to resolve. This list isn't as tight as it should be (I worked tech support, too) but it's about all I can handle right now.

My overall plan is to remove and reinstall everything (once more). I'd like to narrow the range of options I try as much as possible. Here's the list:
  1. Flaky Preview in VirtualDub (prior to capture) including different behavior for S-Video and composite. This is the main problem but I'm guessing that some of the following items may provide clues to what's wrong.
  2. S-Video preview (during capture) looks like the correct aspect ratio but every other line is black. Capture seems OK. The first time I got S-video working I didn't see this, but I do now. I promise it's not the meds...
  3. Does vDub actually need to go into Program FIles (x86)? Seemed to work OK from a random directory so I didn't add this to the mix.
  4. What resolution do I capture in and where is it specified (VDub Video pin, I think)? 352x240 looks correct when captured, but the avi is too tall when 352x480 is chosen. I think lordsmurf suggested 720x480 somewhere but it didn't work at all, so maybe there's context I missed.
  5. I understand brightness and contrast should be tweaked before capture to avoid the forbidden zones but I can't figure out where or how, probably thanks to the meds; I'm sure it's trivial.
  6. 32-bit or 64-bit? I plan to capture everything now, then I'll do some fixing/cleaning later so I could (presumably) use (say) all 64-bit software for now, then switch later to 32-bit if needed. It sounds like that might work, but error-prone to switch back and forth. I'll probably use avisynth later, and will probably author some DVDs or BluRay eventually. Maybe post them somewhere for the family.
  7. Crossbar Thing sees a "Pinnacle-710-USB" and a "Pinnacle-710-USB Crossbar". I assume the "Crossbar" entry is correct. Do I check "Link Related Streams"?
Again, I'm really sorry for the omnibus but there's no way I could pull a bunch of posts together right now. TIA.
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12-30-2019, 05:03 PM
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Bruce - Any progress?

The way I figure it is that Virtualdub was written so long ago, especially in computer terms, that it acts differently on every system and you must figure out the idiosyncrasies as you go.

I have Vdub working fine on an older win7 4-processor Dell and I'm using the Pinnacle 71 USB. But I just purchased my second Boxx Apexx2 machine. I bought them both used on eBay, and the one I just purchased was a year older (2015) than my existing Apexx2.

One reason I bought the new machine was to capture and render, but also to test win10 before making the upgrade on my existing Boxx. A good deal at $425 including shipping, and the interior of the machine was factory clean.

The new machine had a clean installation of Windows10, so the first thing I did was to install "Classic shell" and then Virtual dub. I was not looking forward to what might happen, especially after all the horror stories I've been reading about.

I was pleasantly surprised that when I fired up Vdub, everything worked. In fact, the histogram worked with the capture with no problem, but I leave it off during capture. The "Crossbar Thing" even stays set at s-video after reboot. So I figure that problems could be caused by conflicts with other existing software on a system. As I add applications on the newer machine, I'll keep checking.

- Yes, capture at 720 x 480.

- I keep Vdub on my D drive.

- Definitely use the histogram. You need to set the brightness and contrast levels so that they fall within 16-235 units, which is the equivalent of 7.5-100% on a waveform monitor. If you don't, there's a good chance that the whites will clip and the blacks will be crushed. My brightness levels for my Hi8 cameras are brightness 4, contrast -22. The contrast expands the signal equally left to right on the histogram, and the brightness moves the signal back and forth.

- I've been using 32bit Vdub, but have also used the 64bit with no problem.

The code I chose is Lagarith because I was having problems getting Huffyuv into my system when I began and finally threw in the towel on it.

There's a ton of information on this site, but I'm really having problems accessing it. The search engine is long in the tooth. Many of the newbies who need help keep asking the same questions over and over along their quest. I still have yet to find answers to common questions listed in an 'easy to find' section on the site, so that adds to the learning curve and frustration.

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01-02-2020, 12:01 AM
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I deleted everything, and started again. So this thread probably won't be too useful.
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