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Solely focusing on deinterlacing video footage, how well does hardware deinterlacing stack up against QTGMC? Is software deinterlacing always going to trump a dedicated deinterlacer?

I know the rule of thumb is to always deinterlace after capture, but I'm curious as to how well the progressive footage from a hardware deinterlacer compares to that of something processed with QTGMC. Does anyone have any comparison footage?

Thank you for any feedback and help.
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QTGMC is superior to all available hardware -- usually significantly so.

Aliasing and ghosting is the the primary side effect. QTGMC has near-zero at times, while the hardware is noticeable even to non-video laymen.

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12-22-2020, 08:29 PM
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Thanks, lordsmurf. I appreciate your time.

I hope you get to enjoy the holidays!
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