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Hi all. After following the advice of jwillis84, sanlyn, lordsmurf, and others, I'm on track with (what I believe to be) clean analog captures using an AIW 9200 in my XP Capture PC.

Now I'm at a point where I'm trying to teach myself how to cleanup and restore my captures. I'm getting the hang of writing AviSynth Scripts by following posts by sanlyn and by reading pages on the AviSynth Wiki. However, from the small numbers of files I've processed using AviSynth and VirtualDub I've learned that rendering on my XP capture PC is very slow going.

From some preliminary research last night I learned that the 6th generation Skylake processors are the last series of Intel processors that are natively compatible with Windows 7 Drivers. Does it make sense to build a Windows 7 system around an i7 6700k (or another processor in this generation) for the purpose of editing and rendering with AviSynth and VirtualDub?
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The following was submitted in PM. The place for tech questions like this are in the forum, where others can share the information. Tech questions such as this don't belong in PM. And since I don't have detailed answers for all the questions, other readers will be able to fill in the gaps where I'm lacking.

Over the past few days I've been following your guide in this thread and I have reached a point of confusion.

I understand that QTGMC is the only real game in town when it comes to deinterlacing and I have footage that needs to be distributed via online streaming for family members who live on the other side of the country. I've gone through the process of installing QTGMC with the required plugins, but after I've done so VirtualDub gives me an error message whenever it opens an AviSynth Script. "msvcr71.dll is missing." I exit out of this message 4 or so time and then VirtualDub opens. From some preliminary research I've concluded that this happens because 4 or so plugins from the QTGMC plugin pack have compatibility issues with 32 Bit Windows XP.
No it doesn't.
Maybe you skipped this: http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/vide...s-running.html

None of the support files in the QTGMC package posted in digitalfaq have 32-bit problems. Make sure you've loaded everything. There are three sections of support files in 3 subfolders in the package: 32-bit Avisynth plugins, 32-bit Windows FFTW3 system libraries, and VisualC++ runtimes.

I feel like it is silly to be editing in XP using my capture PC. I'm writing to you using a laptop running Windows 7 and from what I've gathered from other threads on this site, Windows 7 is compatible with much more powerful hardware. Thus a Windows 7 build is more suitable for editing and rendering. I would be editing on my laptop for this purpose, but for whatever reason HuffYUV just doesn't want to install on the damn thing. I've tried all of the alternative methods mentioned in LS's thread to no avail. This makes me want to build a new Windows 7 PC from scratch using powerful modern hardware.
I wouldn't go beyond Win7 for video. Win10 is next to useless. My huffyuv is on home built PC's and two laptop, a mix of machines from old AMD x2 to a new Win10 laptop, and huffyuv is working on all of them. If I recall, I followed the steps in the post at http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/vide...html#post11627. There have been several similar posts that addressed the same issue. I'm using only huffyuv 32-bit. I have 64-bit huff on one machine, but have never had use for it.

I've gathered that the i7 6700k is in the the last generation of Intel CPUs that is naively compatible with Windows 7 drivers. In your opinion does it make sense to build a new system for the purpose of video editing around this processor?
The Win7/CPU compatibility issue is true as far as I know. Win7 is as far I'll go with video processing anyway, I wouldn't dare use W10 for it. Except for my older intel i5 XP that I use for both capture and some HD processing, all of my PC's are AMD i2 or AMD Ryzen, so I can't tell you much about Intel.
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