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I start to copy some of my family VHS, and as probably many before me, I come to the point where I need to make some heavy investments .

My current setup
Philips combo DVD ( with s-video and composite out) - I know crap
BlackMagicDesign Intensity Shuttle - for capture
PowerPC - RTX Ryzen and all good stuff

I use Win10 Blackmagic Resolve(Free) and VirtualDub (some AI software for denoise)

Now my first problem I can buy one of these VCRs


Below VCRs from an old Panasonic service technician so should be in pristine condition.
Panasonic NV-HS950
Blaupunkt RTV-925
Panasonic NV-FS100

or I can invest in software for better denoise and edit (I'm from Europe so TBC are like $$$$$$, not an option ;()

let me know if I can get any better by buying a "new" VCR or software look at the picture and tell me how bad or good they are.

Left Raw and Right with deinterlacing

Left RAW and Right NEAT VIDEO FILTER ( Just fast settings nothing fancy)
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And last AI DeNoise video after deinterlacing

I don't have a big budget only 400$ so let me know in what direction should I go Software or Hardware and which should I buy.

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Get the VCR.
Then learn Avisynth, most powerful restoration tool + it's freeware

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05-21-2021, 01:47 PM
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If you can read german language, I would read this tutorial from a german video forum:

I can only recommend the Shuttle if you record via HDMI using a DVD recorder as a TBC replacement and an HDMI splitter to bypass HDCP encryption.
However, setting it up is not easy. If this is too complicated for you, you should get another capture card.

I would buy the Blaupunkt RTV 950 (with TBC), a Sony/Pioneer DVD-Rcorder from the last generation (LX60,560, Sony 680,RDR200....), Panasonic EH65 or EH495 all with HDMI out.
Or a JVC DR-MH300 which needs no HDMI splitter to remove the hdcp protection if you don't want to capture copy protected tapes.
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05-21-2021, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by lordsmurf View Post
Get the VCR.
Then learn Avisynth, most powerful restoration tool + it's freeware
Could you point to one from the list I gave?

@Bogilein - I would also buy 950, but I can't find it from some trusted source. I will use a translator and try to get as much as possible from the link you pasted.

Thank You all for such a fast response.
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