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05-07-2022, 03:18 PM
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The only non-recorder combo I've seen that can output anything other than composite from VHS is the very late panasonic VHS/Blu-ray combo which has hdmi/component out for VHS like some of the dvd-recorder/hdd-recorder ones. Imagine it's via composite internally too but haven't checked.

The few SVHS/DVD combos had s-video for the vhs side out of course in addition to composite.

Otherwise it's only found on models with dvd/hdd recording capability, though not all, actual JVCs and many funai ones do not afaik.

There is also the weirdo Sony hi8/vhs combos, and the Samsung SV-300W converting multi-system that both had s-video out but from what I've seen in service manuals those were composite internally too from the vhs side using some Y/C separator to get it back to Y/C.

Originally Posted by latreche34 View Post
Yes, TBC does not work out of composite, .
It can, there wouldn't be much point in going via composite in the SVHS decks with TBC though, that would just add an extra step to separate Y/C. Most internal ones work on Y/C, though in some of the pro decks they're integrated with dropout compensation, and in the JVC W-VHS + some japan only JVC SVHS decks the tbc was able to correct the chroma before upconverting it, something they dropped in the later JVC SVHS TBC implementation we got here.

I'm not aware of a standard VHS VCR that has TBC (unless you count something like the Panasonic DMR-ES30 where the digitizer is similar to the DMR-ES10 and corrects for horizontal jitter properly etc.) There are a few late model VHS camcorders that do feature TBC though, I think they simply go via the TBC before combining though (SVHS and VHS variants probably shared a lot of the ICs).
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05-08-2022, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by msgohan View Post
It is separated, just not at the stage we want.
That makes sense.

As dpalomaki mentioned, it's actually pretty common to find combos that have DVD-exclusive outputs with only composite for a "common"/unified VHS+DVD output -- especially VCR/DVD player rather than recorder combos. At least in North America.
Fair enough, I've not seen that but I'm happy to be schooled! Thank you for correcting.
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