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Image of issue attached below(screenshotted from my raw capture file)
VHS Issue.png
What is the name of this distortion?
Any recommendations on what could fix it?

This showed up 1-2 minutes into the video. I have already used this hardware for about 20 VHS's and did not see anything as bad as this.
When I saw this on the first video I figured the VHS may be messed up and tried a different on and saw the same thing about 1-2 minutes into the video as well.

I have a collection of home and purchased VHS's that I am trying to digitize.
I have been thinking I may need a better VCR or a standalone TBC, but I'm not sure if it would help this problem.

JVC HR-S3900U (I know it does not have TBC and is not on the recommended list)
S-Video Cable
Elgato Video Capture USB 2.0
I also have an AverMedia CE310B PCIe Frame Grabber(seems to detect copyright and shows a grey screen on some videos)

PC for capture:
Intel Core I7-4770K
32 GB Ram
GTX 780 TI graphics card
Windows 7

PC for Processing:
Intel Core I9-10920X
64 GB Ram
RTX 30 series Graphics card
Windows 10

24 TB on NAS with a 10 gigabit connection

VirtualDub2 for capture
VirtualDub2 for Deinterlacing
HandBrake for compression to MP4

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03-08-2022, 10:08 PM
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That's a capture card error. Typical Elgato (why it earns the nickname Elcrapo).

A timing error is on the tape, lack of frame TBC. But the capture card makes it far worse.
A frame timing error also likely exists.

New VCR (or add ES10/15), new card, probably some sort of frame TBC, and should be fixed.

I'm a toon collector. What is that?

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Thanks for the quick reply
I have seen your name a lot in my reading on this and the videohelp forum

When you say ES10/15 are you referring to Panasonic DMR-ES10/15 DVD Player?

I got the AverMedia card to try to have something that wouldn't glitch too much when the tapes are old but I can't use it on this video.

I have been keeping my eye on ebay for a decent priced VCR on the recommended list and/or a full frame TBC.

The video is Animated Hero Classics: President Abraham Lincoln by Warner-Nest Animation from 1993
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03-09-2022, 07:53 PM
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I did find this article which answers some of my questions.

Reading one of the threads on here I remember reading that recommended TBCs are TBC-1000 and AVT-8710
Are there other frame TBCs that are OK?
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