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05-13-2023, 08:44 AM
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Still fighting to start digitizing my VHS tapes, currently have issues with the video signal in the VirtualDub 1.9.11 screen. Once connected VirtualDub video is flickering and the signal is distorted. I am a bit out of ideas about what to test more. See the capture sample how it looks like now.
Have no possibility to connect vcr directly to some tv to eliminate the VCR itself from the list. The only thing I tried is to connect Panasonic ES-10 to capture the card directly and it had the same flickers as the VCR, so it lead me to assume that vcr is fine

My VCR is JVC-7611, capture card AIW 9800 Pro

I have tried different cables, break-out dongles, and switched to another AIW 9200 card, but the result is the same.

The interesting thing is that the very first attempt to capture video was absolutely fine. Then had some showstopper I posted here. But it does not look like it had an effect on video quality and might be just a coincidence.

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I have managed to get the projector to connect VCR directly and there are no flickering issues on direct play. So it is something with the capture pc, leaning toward some motherboard issue.

-- merged --

This one was weird. I have tried playing videos with ATI MMC player and it had no issues there. After that, I switched back to VirtualDub capture and it was also good there.
Feels like some settings are not switched automatically, not sure.

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07-30-2023, 03:52 PM
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Disable DirectX in the VirtualDub main Preferences.

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