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06-04-2018, 03:49 PM
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I am running Windows 10 and installed the ATI 600 software off the dvd. When I insert the USB stick Windows makes the sound that recognises something is connected but ATI Catalyst Media Center does not recognise any VHS input. I have tried both svideo and composite input signals.

When I select Videos -- Capture Device to see the incoming vhs signal there is nothing to be seen.

Also there seems to be some sort of light on the side of the USB stick That does not light up even though windows 10 makes a recognition noise when the USB stick connects.

Based of a forum member comment I downloaded the vista 64 bit option and installed it from here


Am I supposed to being using virtualdub instead? Not sure what that means.

Hope that makes sense


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06-04-2018, 04:45 PM
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Lots of issues all at once. Let's start here...

Win10 introduced issues in recent months. Lots of reports on every forum/blog/site related to anything video anywhere, this one included. Win10 is a terrible OS for capturing.

The likely fix = http://www.digitalFAQ.com/forum/vide...i-600-usb.html

All you do is
- #1 - force-install the Vista x64 drivers off the disc
- #2 - use VirtualDub for AVI lossless capturing

The disc image is for download in the forum, if needed. I cannot guarantee drivers from anywhere else.

ATI CMC is NTSC only, MPEG only.

You also need to run a quick registry audio hack, to change levels to 128. It's default at 255, aka too loud and illegal levels, because ATI forgot to add a driver control. But one thing at a time.

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