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So with the new year, I decided that I'd like to do more than just convert video from one source and slap it onto a DVD. I've edited my first video and while I was doing so, I wondered if there were any "rules" or suggestions as to how to do transitions or how to effectively do a Ken Burns Effect on a photo.

I know *how* to use software to do these things, but is there any theory on *when* do to a transition (ie: with music, I'd think an effective time to make a transition would be at the start/end of a verse or chorus. Should the transition be fully complete once the chorus/verse starts). Or when doing a Ken Burns Effect, maybe where to start on a photo and where to move to move to on a photo? Any material you can point me to?

Hope this makes sense.
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I've thought about this a bit. The only real "rules" for transitions ... of ANY effects, for that matter ... is to have self-control.

Too many people have what I call "junior high computer class syndrome". That's where kids are first shown (or at least, when I was in school!) how to use various software like Word and basic design programs. What always happens is somebody sees 15 fonts and wants to use all 15 ... on the same page. It looks tacky.

Do not use everything because it's there. In fact, you may not need any of them at all.

For the most part, do what "feels right" in terms of complementing the video piece. Never take away from the video. Ken Burns is a great effect for long narrations where you want people to listen and not be sidetracked by imagery on screen. Or when you only have still images to work with, and no video clips. In both cases, it's used to further your piece, not to "spice it up" (which is a kiddie design term).

I would honestly say to look into intermediate video editing classes at a local community college, if funds permit. Failing that, I can always give advice on video projects. I do a good bit of editing on a regular basis, from videos other folks have shot.

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