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As you probably know i am looking a complemet to my JVC hm dr10000 and my two choices are the Panny NV hs1000 and the JVC 9700, both As i think are the top of range
It is easy to find the panny but there are many with troubles.
Does It means that the JVC are more reliable than the Panasonic?
Are the NV hs1000 a fragile model?
I find another NV models like 900 in eBay with problems too
Even refurbished are cheaper than the JVC units so maybe the 9700 Will be the correct choice to buy
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Hmmm... decision, decisions.

I believe the 9700 predates the 9600. JVC model numbers were not always in order. It was top of the range, but I don't remember details on the features it had (picture mode / BEST, R3, etc).

You almost don't want to ask me about Panasonic right now. Every one of my Panasonic decks has failed, all are needing repair. So I'm down to my JVC decks only right now, and maybe for months. The NTSC decks have more issues than the PAL, but PAL wasn't immune. I don't think HS1000 was any more fragile than other Panasonics.

That said, Panasonic is always a good complement to a JVC, before adding another JVC. The 2nd JVC comes after Panasonics.

I'd never buy a Panasonic off eBay, expecting anything other than parts or a fixer-upper deck.

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01-02-2021, 02:16 PM
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Thanks sir, now there are a hs1000 for few money in eBay, obviusly with problems because It cant introduce the tape.
I am from spain, and here there are no culture to keep this old vcr, and is impossible to find where to fix It.
Fortunatelly i have a good friend in UK that are an expert and can fix this vcr, few years ago he fix my two sanyo vtc m40 and today working fine.
I Will try to find a good hs1000 to complement my d-vhs JVC following your post
Many thanks
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01-02-2021, 03:02 PM
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I never owned a Panasonic but I can guarantee you, you can't go wrong with JVC S-VHS models that are built in the JVC patented technology digital 3DNR, that's why JVC's line TBC/DNR is the best, They were confident the technology is so good that they used it on surveillance cameras years after the demise of VHS.
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01-02-2021, 03:12 PM
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It's more that the NV-HS1000 is a bit older. If you already have a JVC it's probably useful to have something else as an option as LS mentions.

The 9700 is from around 2000 I think, the service manuals also say late 2000. For the 90s and 2000s JVCs, usually the 2nd number indicates what generation it's from.

Then 9700's competition from Panasonic from the same year would likely be the he NV-HS960 I think.

The NV-HS1000 was released in 95 or 96 from what I can find, though they may have been produced for a few years. It's not full of SMD electrolytic capacitors like the NTSC AG1980P, though there are few tiny ones on the chroma hybrid module, which seem like a huge pain to replace if they were bad (would be hard enough just to get to them to test them. I've had a bit of issues with the one we got here, especially with the drum assembly it came with which kept giving tons of dropouts. Maybe it's just me being unlucky though.

Then again I haven't been entirely satisfied with the JVCs either, the TBC in all of them seem very prone to cause vertical jumping if signal on the tape is a bit unstable (e.g on a camcorder tape with movement). Additionally, there is something with the drop-out corrected lines on the Philips VR1100 (aka almost hte same as HR-S7700) and lower end HR-J681 that cause them to not line up with the rest of the image, even if passed through something like a panasonic DMR-ES10, it really throws off the internal TBC which takes several lines to recover from the dropout. I don't know if either of these issues are some inherent design thing in the VCRs, or if there is something that goes bad. Somehow, it's the oldest one I got, the 8500 that seems to be working the best, though maybe it's due to it being in very good condition.
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