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Sorry if this is a bit long . . .

First, thanks to all of you who've been posting and sharing information about all the servers out there. I've been looking into a lot of the sites that are constantly recommended and the idea of leaving the EIG group behind is appealing. To be honest, though, we haven't really had too many issues with Bluehost, nor did we have problems with Hostmonster before that. Our primary issue is that we're poor and our current 36-month deal is coming to an end. (We suffered along with millions of others when all the host monster/hostgator/buehost servers went down for a day last year but, all in all, our sites have been all right.)

I don't mind committing to 3 or 5 or 7 years, if we can get a lower price. We need unlimited domain hosting, though, 'cause we do a lot of work with independent musicians who want their little 2-3 page sites up online, or have personal web pages with a few galleries and whatnot . . not lots of bandwidth but, with all the email addresses and photos and, once in a while, videos or songs, we might creep past the 7GB limit of stable hosting.com, which is $3.60/month with the discount.

THAT'S the appeal of places like JustHost . . . for basic web hosting, especially if you want lots of domains, where overwhelming speed isn't really a necessity, it's tough to beat $2.50/month for "unlimited" everything. (iPage is currently $1.68/month but the complaints over there have gotten pretty loud, even for an EIG site.)

I've seen things a few comments about Hostmetro, which as far as I can tell is not an EIG site, but nothing from anyone reliable. (I don't know who b2evolution is . . . is it one of the endless number of spam sites?)
If anyone's used it, it's running at $1.84/month for 36 months, which might make it a perfect secondary non-important web sites, server.

Anyway, if anyone has any experience with the bottom-rung of servers, non-EIG places that might have some really discounted prices at the moment, I'd love to hear some opinions.

Thanks so much for your help,

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eig alternatives, really low cost servers, unlimited sites

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