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So i bought Vimeo Pro to host a series of hour long tutorials, but it turns out there is a bug that means some chrome users cant display the videos properly...

Its fixable but requires them to disable hardware acceleration via a fairly simple process, but one that realistically wouldnt be done when it comes to watching a trailor on the front page of a site.

I noticed it worked on my laptop but was buggy on desktop, and wander how many people have playback problems as it could result in a loss of a lot of business. I next looked at JW player, and it seems that suffers from a bug with chrome.

I cant use youtube because of relevant links at the end.

If anyone has any experience i would be interested to hear! Theres a plethora of video hosting platforms, but the associated bugs are probably little known... Expertise would be fantastic! thanks
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YouTube does offer an option to disable related videos when using embedded videos. Check out the "rel" parameter.


Is the problem with Chrome's HTML5 player or Flash? While Flash is far from perfect, I've had better luck with it than the HTML5 player on major video sites. The whole hardware acceleration thing is a mess with both players. Multiple APIs across different platforms and poor implementations means that it usually doesn't work at all.
10-09-2014, 03:03 PM
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Hi! thanks for your response.

Vimeo pro automatically switches between flash and html for different browsers, it would be hmtl5 for chrome.

Thanks for the suggestion about removing the related links on youtube. I think though because we are selling access to the videos on a seperate site and keeping them private, and some are over an hour, youtube wont work. It may be a good way to do the trailor though if i can find a way to change the skin on wordpress.

I'd be interested in a comparison of sites like wistia, vsaar and other premium options, if anyone knows if these suffer from similar hardware acceleration issues...

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