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Hello all, I am currently capturing old family VHS tapes utilizing the BVTBC8. For the available Proc adjustments I have been tuning the Lum down in order to lift the shadows in very dark scenes and this has been working well. However, I just now realized that the "Setup" adjustment seems to be a way to adjust exposure brighter or darker as well, and I somehow overlooked that as an option. I seem to get similar results. But my guess is that Lum adjusts the contrast, and by lowering it the shadows get lifted as a result whereas the Setup may be a more direct brightness adjustment? I guess I overlooked this because I have never heard the of the term "setup" used in the context of a brightness/exposure function. Or perhaps I am wrong altogether?

My question is simply, to lift dark shadows in very dark scenes, would changing one setting over the other be preferred? Thanks!
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setup = IRE
NTSC = 7.5 IRE, setup = on

Don't capture the wrong IRE.

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