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We get these things all the time:
Ryan Atkinson (Ryan@lnsmedia.com) is e-mailing you about Unblur Pictures
Message: We own the domain name UnblurPictures.com that we ordered for an Adobe Affiliate website who didn’t move forward with the project. We think that this premium .com domain name would be perfect for your business, even if you just use it to redirect to your website. We can sell this domain bundled with UnblurPicture.com for only $479, just to recover our loss. We will offer this domain to other businesses as well and we will sell it on a first come, first served basis. Please let us know if you’re interested. Thank you for your time!
IP Address Location = = Bucharest, Romania
And nothing says "scammer" better than English-sounding names from eastern bloc countries.

Furthermore, I'm amused by the previously desired use of the domain: an affiliate website. It's amazing how many good domains get wasted by squatters and fake/scammy nonsense "review" type sites. For $500, I could buy a dozen better domains names, and have an amazing night on the town to celebrate it. Who would like to wager that the payment method would have been Western Union?

Unsolicited domain name buy/sell/trade emails are the 21st century extension of Nigerian 419 scams.

Note: The Adobe link in the quoted text is ours, not from the original email. That's the forum auto-link system in action.
Edit: As is ^^^^ this one.

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