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07-31-2002, 10:00 PM
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I just want to try to clear this up. I think I'm confusing myself.

If my source is pure NTSC interlaced:
1. I have to use MPEG2(MPEG1 does not support interlaced).
2. I have to stay at 29.97.
3. I can deinterlace it. (I have tried #FieldDeinterlace()) then use MPEG1.
4. The deinterlaced allows me to have smaller file sizes but at the price of quality(Ghosting,etc..)

If my source is NTSC Telecined:
1. I can inverse telecine it and use 23.97.
2. This inverse telecine gives me smaller files and better quality.

I have been recording TV shows on my tivo and converting them, I have yet to find a show that I can IVTC. I've converted some videos, Live morning shows and a few cartoons. So far no luck for the IVTC. Does everybody run into this alot? Do you just bite it and run FieldDeinterlace or do you use MPEG2 and watch it on your tv fine.

I notice most people tend to be using these templates for movies and not alot of people use them for TV shows. Anyone else using them for TV stuff?

Thanks for any help. I think the light is starting to turn on...

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