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09-20-2011, 02:50 AM
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My mother has a small samsung clamshell cell phone, that she has alot of text messages in it, they are building up & taking up space on her phone.

I have an iphone 3gs jailbroken with t-mobile pay as you go plan. She wants to offload the texts/forward them to me from her cell phone onto mine, so I can get them onto a computer. Her cell is also on a t-mobile pay as you go too.

I may sound bogus but I am not keen on filling up my new phone with all her messages, I just got my phone, it works now, I have it set up simply, & dont want to screw things up on it. Part of my fear is that it is jailbroken & I dont want to try something that I dont know much about & lose my jailbrake on it, & ultimately it's functionality.

I do want to help her, as in my home I have become the "geek" or "techie", but I do not know much about texting or text messaging, or how to get texts off a cell phone.

What she wants to do is get the messages off her phone to her e-mail or in her documents on her PC to free up space on her cell phone.

Can she do this? & how? I think her cell takes either a mini usb or micro usb plug. Her phone just came with an ac charger. with the ac prongs/plugs & the usb end that plugs into the phone.

I have micro to usb cables, & I also have a mini usb adapter that I can attach to the micro usb end on my micro to usb cable. Would these work to connect her phone via a usb port on her pc to view & deal with it's contents?
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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09-20-2011, 06:05 AM
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TXT msg them (forward them) to an email address instead of a phone number. That's what I have to do. In my case, that's what happens when your phone is 5 years old -- and I don't think it was newest or never even then. Outside of forwarding messages, I'm really not aware of any other way to "get them off" of a phone.

I've never tried the free service http://www.treasuremytext.com that claims to be able to save text messages.
That's mostly because it's a UK service, and would be long distance from North America (USA, Canada).

iPhone users can connect their phone to iTunes, and use a paid app like SMS Export. I don't know about jailbroken phones, however. I'm like you -- once it's hacked and it works, I'm a bit skittish about messing it up, because that can happen quite easily.

Even if you somehow find a way to connect your mom's phone to yours (and I don't see how you could), there's no real way to move the messages across.

Again, forwarding to an email address instead of a cell phone # is probably the best way.

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