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02-17-2017, 02:07 PM
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I've decided to sell one of my AG-1980P units.

The image is perfect, and the TBC works flawlessly. The TBC does not have any luma/chroma change when enabled, and that's the most important aspect of these units.

I just finished plugging it in and testing it with
(1) a retail tape
(2) a really, really damaged nth generation tape
(3) some typical SP and SLP/EP home movies

I ran it the signal into my external TBC, and all tests transferred flawlessly.

The display is very dim, and could probably do with a caps fix. However, since the rest of the unit functions, I've left it alone. "Ain't broke, don't fix it." I didn't want to tempt fate. Sometimes repairs can cascade into making other things break and need repairs. Just use it for what it does best: playing the tapes. If you turn off the lights, or cover it with you hands, you can still get close and read it.

- No remote, but it's not really needed anyway.
- Power cord included.
- Manuals are all available on this site for download.

Price is $375 shipped. -Withdrawn

Due to weight, I'm not really wanting to ship overseas. It's NTSC anyway, not PAL.

This is the only unit I'll be selling, so don't miss out.

Note: To increase VCR longevity, turn it off when not in use.

Just as a point of comparison, TGrant has refurbished units for $600, and Deter has refurbished units for $950. So if you want to refurb this, you saved about $200+ in order to get that done. And it may never need a caps fix before your project is finished (and you resell it to the next person). MSRP on these was $2k.

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