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10-29-2016, 03:44 PM
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ATAPI drive liteon iHAS122 F Firmware EL06 is reliable to scan jitter, pie, pif, pi-po? I burned 4 dvds-r 16x verbatim azo MCC03RG20 with this drive and then used the scan nero DiscSpeed c1 / c2 - pi-po test to check the 4 tests of 4 DVD disks the same and single file presented PIF: 107 and other files presented results PIE values between 53, 71, 65, 61, 70, 51, 66, 49, 65, 62, 56, 67, 54, 57, 60, 132, 138, 163, 181, 152, 165, 181, 169, 178, 164, 179, 159, 150, 162, 190, 194, 201, 164

PIF value of 1, 2, 1, 107, 0, 4

I think these disks with these error rates are recommended for long-term storage or should I throw them in the trash? I burned discs at 6x minimum speed drive

scandisc read test of nerodisc speed 5 and scan imgburn discs 100% good

-- merged --

1 If I burn 4 dvd-r 16x discs verbatim ID: MCC03RG20 and 4 dvd discs passed 100% good at imgburn reading test and reading test Nero DiscSpeed 5 so these discs are reliable and safe or not to store files long-term (many years)?
without considering individual tests of c1 / c2, jitter, pie, pif, pi-po

2 if I test dvd-r verbatim ID: MCC03RG20 tested jitter, pie, pif, pi-po only one disc of the same pin pack of 25 units the result serves as a parameter to know the other 24 optical discs are good or bad? or you have to test all 25 individual discs?

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10-31-2016, 08:31 PM
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1. You need to quit making new thread on the same topic. Reply to your existing post.
2. You need to quit making more replies/posts/threads every day or two because you've not gotten an answer yet. You're not the only person here, and you're not our priority. Our customers are, our Premium Members are. We will help you, as we do all Free Members, but it will take several days. Make the post, wait for the answer. Don't be pushy.

See also: http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/news...-answered.html

You're making my job more tedious, by having to clean up your mess (terrible thread titles, merging posts, merging threads), and it's not much different than cleaning up spam. In fact, your intrusions have been more frequent than the spammers. Stop it.


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