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04-08-2024, 03:08 PM
MermaidNatalia MermaidNatalia is offline
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I really hope you're feeling better soon! My mother-in-law also has MS, I know how challenging it can be. I'm glad to hear you are prioritizing what matters-- your health!

In the meantime, we can rely on the oodles of information you've saved in this forum. We are lucky to have this resource! <3
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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04-18-2024, 07:58 PM
rabbitfeet318 rabbitfeet318 is offline
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Late reply - but wishing you an easy recovery and hope you are out of the cast soon. Hope you have more easy days than hard ones.

I can't thank you (and this forum) enough for your sound guidance. Take care of yourself!
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05-10-2024, 08:20 PM
toastyplains toastyplains is offline
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Hello @lordsmurf,

So sorry to hear of your health issues - you have my sympathies and positive thoughts headed your way. I will echo everyone else - your work here is tremendous and you are greatly appreciated by so many. Personally, I have you to thank for countless helpful tips and advice. Without you, I would be nowhere near I am today regarding my understanding of archival video tape preservation. May your recovery be a speedy one and please know, good sir, how much we appreciate all you've done for this community. Be well!


I thoroughly enjoy working with video tapes and have learned so much through this forum, as such I own a tape conversion business. I'm happy to assist you in any way I can!
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05-14-2024, 10:16 PM
joe79 joe79 is offline
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Thank you for all the knowledge you share and I hope you get well. The world needs you and your finely tuned craft!
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05-18-2024, 06:59 AM
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Time for an update.

It's now been 3 months since the fracture, 2 months since I made this thread.

The fracture induced tendonitis, which is common, compounding the issue.

But I think, my doctor thinks, and my PT thinks, that I'm finally over the hump. The pain and discomfort got worse, continuously, daily, for all of March and April, but has plateaued and started slightly receding now in mid May.

Half of the arm and hand are in a restrictive removable cast, as it needs to remain motionless to heal. But then atrophy can set in, made worse with MS-induced muscle spasms and nerve damage. So it hurts to move, and it hurts to not move.

I have a lot of meds to take right now, and some are to counteract side effects from other meds.

Being over the hump doesn't mean healed. It'll probably be another 3 months wearing the cast, and then I'll probably still have to wear a restrictive brace while sleeping until next year.

Again, thank you to all who have post here so far.
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Originally Posted by BarryTheCrab View Post
An hour away for PT several times a week is a true burden and I think unacceptable. You should bitch loudly.
I wanted to address this real quick...

While insurance often sucks, I was amazingly able to get into the best facility here, which is an hour away. So I have to just deal with it. On rehab days, I get up early each morning, answer some emails, and then we leave. We get back late in the afternoon or evening, and I am exhausted into the next day. So that 2-3 days per week is more like 4-6 days per week, including rest. For about 2-3 weeks there, I had daily PT or doctor appts, so I was a zombie daily.

Time for eating well and exercise is a problem right now, so I've added about 5 lbs per month, which sucks. Problems begat more problems. Eating out costs too much, so we grab lunch at the local Walmart deli. I'll have to tackle this problem in the fall.

Life is like video gear. There are always tradeoffs.

I could do local/quick, but I'm getting vastly better treatment by budgeting more time, and more funds (for gas, food). Just like VCRs, TBCs, and capture cards.

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05-18-2024, 09:51 PM
gunzel gunzel is offline
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Glad to hear you are over the hump. Hope things continue to progress well.
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05-26-2024, 03:49 PM
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Howdy LS, and "Long may you run" as the Niel Young song goes! And thank you for all the help and knowledge in the past, and thanks for such a wonderful website!
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