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Trying to follow "how to capture avi in Virtualdub" guide. First try is with AIW Radeon 32 (Catalyst 6.11). Not seeing guide's stuff like values in the bottom or right after I choose Capture AVI nor PCM option in Audio Compression, so wondering if the AIW (component) is compatible or I'm just missing drivers or something. The guide says it was tested with an AIW, so I'm assuming it's my setup. Don't see anywhere to select the input device or input type (component).

The AIW works fine using MMC 8.8 for mpg2 and AVI (HuffyUV). Was planning to try VirtualDub with 550 & 650 too.
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Well, the All In Wonder cards, the ATI 550, and the ATI 650 all act slightly different. So let's pick one card for now.

For this example, I'm using an x1800 PCI-E AIW card (T200 drivers).

First off, did you select the right capture card?


And for both audio and video?

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Notice that my audio setting is wrong by default. I need to select to ATI input, not the generic input.

I need to overall and add quite a few guides on this site. This was what I'd planned to do in 2013 -- not lay in bed half paralyzed (literally). Now that I'm somewhat back, this is what I'm trying to do, but it's slow. I'm satisfied with the progress so far, and there's more to come.

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Don't know how I missed seeing the Device selection, but I did. Now I get the "numbers". What's available is "Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32) (VFW)" and "ATI Rage Theater Video Capture (Direct Show)". Selecting either just shows snow in video window, but I do hear audio. Edit: Get video when I change Source to composite. Duh.

Audio-Compression: Don't see a PCM selection - just a "<No Compression (PCM)>" that has no freq selections.
<No compression (PCM)>
DSP Group True Speech (TM)
GSM 6.10
Microsoft ADPDM
Microsoft G.723.1
MPEG Layer-3
Windows Media Audio V1
Windows Media Audio V2

That's as far a I've gotten so far. Guess I'm going to have to actually read up on VirtualDub instead of trying to do a quick "blindly follow the guide" Was hoping for cookbook approach since I understand VD is rather complicated and right now I'm just aiming for a basic setup just to see if it's an option worth pursuing.

The AIW, 550 and 650 are all on different boxes. One step at a time...

Another thought: does it matter for avi (HuffyUI) if I use MMC 9.02 or VirtualDub? If not, can skip VD for AIW, but will still need to figure out how/if it works for the 550/650. For avi, I'm just wanting the raw capture that I can later filter/edit/whatever.

-- merged --

Ok, starting to see source of my confusion. Simply it just looks like the LS guide is not for the 1.9.11 version. A lot of that on the web; hard for we newbies when there's a lot of new terms plus guides & suggestions that are for older versions. I know it's in the plans, but it'll be great when the LS Guide is updated.

In the meantime, I found: Use DirectShow device, not VFW. Setting for audio 48000 is back under Raw Capture Format. Don't see a Save As option. To set the resolution, it's now Video - Set Custom Format; there's a Format, but mine is grayed out. With those, was able to capture.

Also, ffvdub.vbf fails to load, at least on my AIW box.

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