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Originally Posted by Superstar
Quick q..
In Womble, when Im done editing a clip, I have to the end o, home l thing...however, when I'm just converting the audio to ac3, do I have to do that as well? I'm on disc 54 of the Flair set, and I didn't do it to any of the others, and I just started recently, because it suddenly came to me that maybe I should do it, but I also notice, when I do the end o, it goes to about 1 sec before the end of the clip, it doesnt go all the way to the end.
So, just wondered if I should do it or not with the audio
The reason you do HOME/END and I/O (in/out marks) is to mark the area you want to export to a new clip. It really doesn't matter if you are just doing video, just audio, or both audio and video.

Home/End and I/O are just the keyboard commands, of course. It can be done with a mouse, too. But the keyboard takes less effort.

There are actually several ways to use Womble, and control how the selection works, but that's best saved for another conversation. Plus I don't want to confuse you with what I'd call unnecessary information. Just keep doing what you're doing.

Hope that clears it up, keeps it simple.

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